Linden Tree Nursery

Our Staff


Mark and Cindy Scaife founded Linden Tree Nursery in 1988, and being a “mom and pop shop”, allows them to put almost all of their energy into providing an excellent customer experience. Both Cindy and Mark are very knowledgeable on an array of topics, and will not in any way misdirect customers to make a sale. They pride themselves on being there for the customers best interests and sell a couple landscaping needs along the way. Once you walk into Lindentree Nursery’s facility, you will feel welcomed, and once you do choose to buy a product, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the information they provided you with will be entirely in your benefit.

Mark Scaife, came from a very rich history of horticulturists. He worked in greenhouses his grandfather built in Springfield Ill., until moving to Phoenix to manage Montgomery Ward’s garden shop. After a short time managing the shop, he joined the team at Sonora-Beardsley Nursery. His experience and knowledge runs deep and anyone of his customers will understand and know this by speaking with him. “We grow thousands of trees each year that are well suited to the desert Southwest,” says Mark. “These trees range from lush green trees like Ficus Nitida to the Museum Palo Verde, all within 1/2 mile of the sales facility, to ensure your growing success.”

Cindy Scaife, also isn’t to be held to any less of a standard than Mark in the agricultural side of Lindentree Nursery, but her expertise lies with her shop, The Yard Sale. “The Yard Sale specializes in unique home decor with vintage treasures ranging from shabby chic to primitive antiques,” Cindy says. The store is filled and restocked often with great additions for any home. Many of the items in the store are completely redone by either her or Mark, or restored to make the piece look original and brand new. At the Yard Sale, you will find many items that you would not see anywhere else as well as very insightful knowledge on home decor from Cindy Scaife.